Hello, we are the Icon Bulls Kennel!

We breed awesome French Bulldogs from 2014.

Speaking of Frenchies, we are definitely one of the best kennels in Hungary. We are one of the breeders who have the most beautiful dogs in Hungary.

We have selected breeds. We breed dogs under constant medical supervision to ensure that the puppies have a quality life. Their beautiful shiny hair shows the health of their immune system. You can choose from the most beautiful dogs. We are in constant contact with our customers.

There was a long way up to the top, years long. But we finally got there. Today we offer the purest blood Frenchies, crossed over generations. No mistake for full blooded French Bulldog at us!

Heath'sprice is all inclusive: pet passport, shipment cost to your closest airport, new travel crate, microchip, vet check before flight, health guarantee and health certificate.

I have lot of references. They are coming from excellent checkable bloodline. Our French Bulldogs are AKC registrable.

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